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Phrozen Castable Resin W20 Green
Product model PH0140
Brand Phrozen
Price 3499(TAX)


Phrozen Castable Resin W20 Green

Phrozen Castable Resin W20 Green is developed for reliable casting with clean burnout and zero ash content. It is designed for both jewelry and dental casting, specifically fine and delicate features such as milgrain, micro claw, and wired patterns plus engraved and raised text.

Phrozen Castable Resin W20 Green 
Product Features
.20% wax content
.Designed for medium to large casts.
.Low shrinkage, high precision. Produces prints with a smooth and crisp finish.
.With a minimum number of gates, you can easily cast anything you want. Set up your printed models and clean up your cast 3D models with ease.
.No foul nor strong odor.

Enjoy the light-curing printing experience with Phrozen's wide range of resins, which can be tailored to your needs and properties to give you the best finished product, or contact us for more information !

Weight 500g
Viscosity 190-250 cP
Density 1.07 g/cm3
Surface Hardness 65 SHore D
Verified Clean Burnout with these Investments "Prestige Optima", "Plasticast" and "Ultravest Maxx"
Ash Content 0.00-0.1 % (ASTM E1131; TGA)

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