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Ultimaker PC Series - 2.85mm
Product model UM00005
Brand Ultimaker
Price 2700(TAX)



Ultimaker PC Series - 2.85mm
— Avaliable for 3 colors : Black ,Transparent, White

Ultimaker PC (polycarbonate) 3D printing filaments produce tough finished products that can withstand temperatures up to 110º C and maintain dimensional stability. Ultimaker's PC is the perfect material for printing moulds, tools, functional prototypes and parts manufacturing!

Ultimaker PC Series - Sample

 Ultimaker PC?

PC is the material of choice for engineers and manufacturers who want their prints to be strong, durable, and able to perform in high temperature environments.

High toughness, especially in non-transparent colours
Heat resistance up to 110ºC
Flame retardant properties
Dimensional stability
Excellent interlayer adhesion, even better with Ultimaker front bezel
Easy to apply to the platform, especially with the stickers that come with our Advanced 3D Printing Kit!
Transparent material is available, which is the best choice for lighting related products.

PC Samples:
— Samples of Black ,Transparent and White

Ultimaker PC Series - Sample Ultimaker PC Series - Sample Ultimaker PC Series - Sample
High Temperature Resistance

The heat-resistant nature of PC allows the finished product to maintain its original form in a high-temperature environment.

If your object will need to be strong and tough, then PC is the best choice for prototyping!

Optical Transparency

PC is an amorphous thermoplastic polymer, so even when extruded by 3D printing, it has a better success rate than other materials.

Nozzle Temperature 260 ̊C
Heated bed Temp 100-115 ̊C (Suggested to use the sticker)
Printing Speed  40-80 mm/s
Net Weight  0.75KG
Diameter  2.85mm
Temperature Resistance 110 ̊C

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