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Bambu Lab TPU 95A HF Series
Product model BL00007
Brand Bambu Lab
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Bambu TPU 95A HF Series 

Bambu TPU 95A HF is an optimized TPU filament designed for high-speed 3D printing. Compared to regular TPU 95A, TPU 95A HF offers an impressive 3x faster printing speed, effectively addressing the common problem of lengthy prints associated with other TPU filaments. TPU 95A HF maintains exceptional interlayer adhesion, impact resistance, flexibility, and cold-temperature resilience, just like traditional TPU filaments. Experience faster TPU printing without any compromises!

pa6-cf filament

High Speed Printing

Elevate your TPU printing efficiency to the next level with Bambu TPU 95A HF,
featuring a print speed that's 3 times faster than standard TPU 95A.

tpu hf
  Bambu TPU 95A Bambu TPU 95A HF
Nozzle Temperature / °C 230 230
Max Volumetric Speed / (mm³/s) 3.6 12
Printing Speed / (mm/s) 44 147
Model Specimens Diameter: 50 mm Height: 100 mm Infill:40%

Soft and Flexible

Bambu TPU HF is an exceptionally soft and flexible filament with extraordinary impact resistance, enabling you to print parts that need withstand impact, collision, and falling.


Widely Used Application


TPU 95A HF Hex Code Table

Color Hex Code Display
White #FFFFFF  
Black #101820  


Printing Tips

• Drying conditions: 70℃ for 8 hrs. TPU 95A HF is highly sensitive to humidity. To achieve optimal printing performance, it is recommeded further drying before use and after storage. For more details please refer to: Filament drying instructions on WIKI.

• To obtain higher printing quality, please check TPU Printing Guide before printing.


What's in the Box?


Filament with Spool*1 & Desiccant*1

Filament Label*1





Diameter 1.75 mm
Net Filament Weight 1000 g
Spool Material PC+ABS (Temperature resistance 90°C)
Spool Size Diameter: 200 mm; Height: 67mm
Drying Settings before Printing 70  ̊C, 8 hr
Printing and Storage Humidity < 20% RH (Sealed with desiccant
Nozzle Temperature 220-240   ̊C
Bed Type Cool Plate, High Temperature Plate or Textured PEI Plate
Bed Surface Preparation 30-35   ̊C
Cooling Fan 100 %
Printing Speed < 200 mm/s
Retraction Length 0.8 - 1.4 mm
Retraction Speed 20 - 40 mm/s
Chamber Temperature 25 - 45   ̊C
Maximum Overhang Angle 55  ̊C
Maximum Bridging Length 20 mm

Physical Properties
Density 1.22 g/cm³
Vicat Softening Temperature 57   ̊C
Heat Deflection Temperature 57   ̊C
Melting Temperature 183  ̊C
Melt Index 36.5 ± 2.6 g/10 min

Mechanical Properties
Tensile Modulus 9.8 ± 0.7 MPa
Breaking Elongation Rate > 650 %
Imapct Strength 123.2 kJ/m²

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