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Ultimaker ABS Series - 2.85mm
Product model UM00003
Brand Ultimaker
Price 1900(TAX)



Ultimaker ABS Series - 2.85mm

Ultimaker ABS — Perfect Choice For Creating Fuctional Prototypes and Complex End-use Parts

UltiMaker ABS (acrylonitrile butadiene styrene) 3D printing material is formulated to minimize warping and ensure consistent interlayer adhesion. It is a great choice for creating functional prototypes and complex end-use parts.

It is also recommended to be used with the Cura slicing software for the best quality end product. This filament is also suitable for other FDM machines besides the Ultimaker.

Key Features of Ultimaker Filament

Excellent mechanical properties
• Excellent interlayer adhesion, even better when fitted with a front flap!
• Withstands temperatures up to 85ºC
• Can be used for tough prototypes or end use parts
• Better surface finish than other ABS materials
• Minimal warpage and excellent platform adhesion make it easy to print

Ultimaker ABS Series - Automotive parts sample

ABS is suitable for use in automotive parts due to its high strength and resistance to high temperatures.

Ultimaker ABS Series - Sample Ultimaker ABS Series - Sample Ultimaker ABS Series - Sample
Rapid Prototyping
ABS allows engineers to produce samples at the lowest possible cost throughout the product development cycle, enabling them to quickly finalise designs from initial prototyping through to final product validation using the material.
Ideal for Testing
3D printing with ABS allows you to accurately test and simulate the performance, assembly and functionality of your final product - giving you greater confidence in your product.

Universal Suitability
The good mechanical properties of ABS allow you to use it whether you want to check assembly, general appearance or design!


Tutorial Article:
【3D列印線材】如何使用Ultimaker ABS進行列印

Technical Data Sheet

Nozzle Temperature 245-260 ̊C
Heated bed Temperature 80 ̊C 
Printing Speed 40-80 mm/s
Net Weight 0.75KG
Diameter 2.85mm
Length 90m
Glass Transition Temperature 97 ̊C 

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