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Ultimaker PLA Series - 2.85mm
Product model UM00000
Brand Ultimaker
Price 1700(TAX)



Ultimaker PLA Series - 2.85 mm / 0.75 kg

Available in 11 Colors • Easy to print • Precise Model

 White                   ‣ Pearl White               ‣ Transparent                ‣ Red
   ‣ Silver Metallic      ‣  Blue                          ‣ Magenta                     ‣ Green
                                   ‣ Orange                 ‣ Yellow                       ‣ Black

Ultimaekr has developed exclusive filaments that are extremely accurate in terms of roundness and diameter, both of which are critical to print quality. Each spool comes with a bobbin to ensure smooth printing and easy storage. PLA is a biodegradable, environmentally friendly plastic that is widely used in 3D printing.

PLA (polylactic acid) is versatile, easy to 3D print, available in 11 colors, has a good surface texture and can be used with the Cura slicing software for optimal end product quality. It can also be used on other FDM machines in addition to Ultimaker machines.

Reasons to choose Ultimaker PLA 3DMART

Ultimaker  Filaments Key Features
Good tensile strength and surface finish
Suitable for fast printing
Suitable for home and office use
High resolution of finished product appearance
Ideal for showing design details of objects and models
Suitable for pre-production sampling of metal objects
Available in a wide range of colours
Can be used on the Ultimaker S5 / S7 with PVA as the main body and support.

3D Print Models using Ultimaker PLA

Precise model visualization               Detailed concept models               Low melting temperature
Ultimaker PLA has Precise model visualizationUltimaker PLA required Detailed concept modelsUltimaker PLA has Low melting temperature


Avaliable in 11 Colors

Ultimaker PLA Series - White Ultimaker PLA Series - Pearl White 
White                                                                                     Pearl White  
White Color Samples                                                                 Pearl White Samples
Ultimaker PLA Series - Transparent Ultimaker PLA Series - Red
Transparent                                                                                      Red
           Transparent Samples                                                                     Red Color Samples
Ultimaker PLA Series - Silver Metallic Ultimaker PLA Series - Blue
Silver Metallic                                                                                       Blue
          Silver Metallic Samples                                                                     Blue Color Samples
Ultimaker PLA Series - Magenta Ultimaker PLA Series - Green

Magenta                                                                                      Green
             Magenta Samples                                                                  Green Color Samples

Ultimaker PLA Series - Orange Ultimaker PLA Series - Yellow

Orange                                                                                     Yellow
     Orange Color Samples                                                             Yellow Color Samples

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SDS Sheet
Technical Data Sheet

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Nozzle Temperature 210-230 ̊C
Heated bed Temperature 60-75 ̊C (No heating plate can be attached with blue tape.)
Printing Speed 40-80 mm/s
Net Weight 0.75KG
Diameter 2.85mm
Length 90m
Glass Transition Temp 60-65 ̊C

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