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AESUB Titanium dioxide free Scanning Powder White
Product model AE0005

AESUB Titanium dioxide free Scanning Powder White 

AESUB Titanium dioxide free 3D Scanning Powder White is different from normal Scanning Powder, it's free of titanium dioxide nano particles (TiO2), it does not enter the respiratory tract and is safe to use. The thickness ranges is 7 µm, it can be thin and evenly distributed on the surface of scanned objects, objects that are transparent and reflective can be easily 3D scanning.

AESUB Sublimating 3D Scanning Powder White

.Key features:
1. Free of titanium dioxide nano particles (TiO2)
2. Fine structures can also be easily scanned
3. Thin and homogenous coating
4. To attach steadily and persistently to an object
5. Easy to clean (after scanning, wipe the surface with water, soft brush and towel.)

AESUB Sublimating 3D Scanning Powder White

.Application areas:
Automotive, Aviation, Energy, Medical, architecture, Design, art, Reverse engineering, Optical measurement RESEARCH and development, Process Monitoring, inner scanning, measurement function, surface inspection and more.
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With AESUB scan duster, you can enjoy the highest quality and efficiency of 3D scanning engineering. Contact us now for more information about our products.

Capacity 400ml/ can
Country of origin Germany
The main purpose Scanning
Matters needing attention Please make sure the indoor air is well ventilated when using
Layer thickness 7µm
storage temperature 21°C (Dry environment, avoid direct sunlight)
Safety instructions Keep away from heat and fire
composition Butane, ethanol, propane, calcium carbonate, methyl propane, ethane, butanone

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