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Bambu Lab A1 Mini 3D Printer
Product model BL0084
Brand Bambu Lab
Original price 12400 Price 9800(TAX)


One-Year Warranty & Maintenance Instructions

When purchasing Bambu Lab-related equipment, we provide you with 1 year of warranty repair service. For any operational inquiries, please contact 3DMart email for assistance.

• If there are any issues with the machine, please fill out the technical support form first. if the engineer evaluates that it is not due to human damage, here are 2 ways for maintenance :  
🔧【Customer DIY Parts Repair】
We will provide free delivery of parts to the designated location → Customers assemble the parts by themselves.
👨‍💻【3DMart Engineer Repair Service】

1.With original packaging  
 Pay shipping + repair fee $2000 → 3DMart arranges pick-up of the machine → 3DMart engineer repairs → After completion, 3DMart arranges delivery back.
2.Without original packaging  Customers must to arrange shipping or pick-up expenses themselves → Send to 3DMart Co., Ltd. → 3DMart engineer repairs → After completion, pick up the machine at 3DMart Co., Ltd.  

• Warranty service for damage assessed as human-induced, self-modification damage, or non-human-induced damage does not cover consumables (such as nozzles) and spare parts.
• All operational instructions will be separately quoted by sales. Please fill out the Contact form for inquiries

Bambu Lab A1 Mini 3D Printer 

*Not included the AMS Lite
Bambu Lab has launched a new model for beginners - A1 Mini, it has the smallest size, lightest weight and easier to use between all Bambu 3D Printers. We also sell the A1 mini combo with AMS Lite version, please Click Here.

Please Click for the Review Article 👉 Bambu Lab A1 Mini Combo:Affordable Multi-color 3D Printer

Overall Features
Full-auto Calibration
• 4-Color Printing with AMS lite
• Under 48 dB Low Noise in Silent Mode
• Full-metal Linear Rails and Bearings
• Vibration and Flow Rate Compensation

Key Features
Bambu Lab A1 Mini 3D Printer key features

Multi-Color Printing For Everyone (With AMS Lite)

A1 mini 3D Printer multi-color printing
Bambu Lab A1 Mini 3D Printer has multi-color printing Bambu Lab A1 Mini 3D Printer has multi-color printing

The all-new AMS lite is elegent and reliable, making multi-color 3D printing accessible to everyone.

Active Flow Rate Compensation

The comparison with active flow rate compensation or not

The A1 mini revolutionizes flow control in 3D printing. It utilizes a high-resolution, high-frequency eddy current sensor to measure the pressure in the nozzle. The algorithm actively compensates the flow rate according to the reading to extrude with accuracy.

Full Auto Calibration

Bambu A1 mini has full auto calibration

The A1 mini handles various calibrations all by itself. It meticulously calibrates the Z-offset, bed-level, vibration resonance and nozzle pressure for EVERY print job, automatically. No More Tedious Manual Calibration and Tuning!


Bambu A1 mini 3D Printer is easy to set up

The A1 mini comes to you pre-assembled, pre-squared, and pre-tuned with precision. It only takes about 20 minutes to set up for your first print. Turn the one step learning curve into a enjoyable journey!

Active Motor Noise Cancelling

Bambu A1 mini 3D Printer has active motor noise cancelling

The A1 mini can calibrate parameters to match tiny individual differences between each drive motor. This compensates for the unwanted harshness of motor noise.

High-speed Precision

Bambu A1 mini 3D Printer has high-speed precision

Bed slinger with coreXY-speed and quality. A1 mini has full-metal rails, rigid frame, nozzle pressure sensor, accelerometers, powerful MCU, and above all, an advanced motion control system that utilizes these features to print a 14-minute benchy with quality and following all the speed benchy rules straight out of the box without using specialized filaments.

Sync with Bambu Studio and Bambu Handy

Bambu A1 mini 3D Printer is sync with Bambu software

Remote control and monitor your printer on Bambu Studio or Bambu Handy. Through the built-in camera, you can also record timelapse videos.

Contact us to get more information of Bambu Lab 3D Printer!

Machine A1 Mini
Technology Fused Deposition Modeling
Build Volume(W D H) 180 x 180 x 180 mm
Hot End All-metal
Extruder Gears Steel
Nozzle Stainless Steel
Max. Hot End Temperature 300℃
Nozzle Diameter (Included) 0.4mm
Nozzle Diameter (Optional) 0.2mm,0.6mm,0.8mm
Filament Cutter Included
Filament Diameter 1.75 mm
Compatible Build Plate Bambu Textured PEI Plate, Bambu Smooth PEI Plate
Max. Build Plate Temperature 80℃
Max. Speed of Tool Head 500 mm/s
Max. Acceleration of Tool Head 10 m/s2
Max. Hot End Flow 28 mm/s @ABS (Model: 150 × 150 mm single wall;
Material: Bambu ABS; Temperature: 280°C)
Part Cooling Fan Closed Loop Control
Hot End Fan Closed Loop Control
MC Board Cooling Fan Closed Loop Control
ABS, ASA, PC, PA, PET, Carbon/ Glass Fiber Reinforced Polymer Not Recommended
Monitering Camera Low Rate Camera (up to 1080P) Timelapse Supported
Filament Run Out Sensor Yes
Filament Odometry Yes
POwer Loss Recover Yes
Filament Tangle Sensor Yes
Dimensions 347 x 315 x 365 mm
Net Weight 5.5 kg
Voltage 100-240VAC,50/60Hz
Max. Power 150W
Display 2.4 inches 320 x 240 IPS Touch Screen
Connectivity Wi-Fi,Bambu-Bus
Storage Micro SD Card
Control Interface Touch Screen, APP, PC Application
Motion Controller Dual-Core Cortex M4
Slicing Software Support third party slicers which export standard G-code such as Superslicer, Prusaslicer and Cura, but certain advanced features may not be supported.
Supported OS for Slicing Software MacOS, Windows
Transmitter Power (EIRP) ≤ 21.5 dBm (FCC)
≤ 20 dBm (CE/ SRRC)
Protocol IEEE 802.11 b/g/n
Product Includes Bambu Lab A1 Mini
Spool Holder
Purge Wipe
Bambu Textured PEI Plate
PTEF Tube  x5
Stainless Steel Nozzle (Included)
Accessory Box
20g Bambu Filaments x1 (Random color and types)

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