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Bambu Lab AMS Hub
Product model BL0024
Brand Bambu Lab
Price 2200(TAX)



Bambu Lab AMS Hub


The AMS Hub is used to expand the number of AMS connected to Bambu X1/P1 series printers from 1 AMS unit(4 channels) to a maximum of 4 AMS units(16 channels) to improve the refueling speed across your multiple AMS units and support the redundancy of a buffered signal.





*The picture is for reference only, try to place the AMS on the left side of the AMS Hub when actually printing, otherwise the filament in the PTFE tube is easy to get stuck.


Expand Your AMS Options

The built-in buffer of the printer can only be connected to 1 AMS. When replaced with AMS Hub, the printer will be able to connect up to 4 AMS.


How-to video


Check out our Wiki article : Connect AMS Hub and Multi-AMS




Install the AMS Hub on the back of the printer, replacing the Filament buffer if you have one, and use the matching Bambu 4 Pin cable to connect to the printer, use the Bambu 6 Pin cable to connect to the first AMS, then continue to use the 6-pin cable to connect the remaining AMS in series.
Use the matching PTFE Tube to connect the AMS Hub and the air tube connector on the back of the printer, the tube should pass between the 4-pin plug and the spool holder to reduce the resistance.
According to the placement of the AMS and the printer, you can choose the appropriate length of the PTFE tube to connect the AMS and the AMS Hub. The tube should be as short as possible and avoid winding to reduce the feeding resistance.



What's in the box




Bus Cable - (2x)6pin(1.5m)




M3*28 Screw (x2)






Product Size 140*60*22 mm
Package Size 235*167*40 mm
Product Weight 84 g
Gross Weight 321 g
Material Plastic, metal, printed circuit board
Input 24V 3A
Color Gray

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