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Complete Hotend Assembly-0.4/0.6/0.8/0.2mm【for P1】
Product model BL00015
Brand Bambu Lab
Price 1500(TAX)



Complete Hotend Assembly For X1E - 0.4/0.6/0.8/0.2mm

The Complete Hot End Assembly is designed for the Bambu Lab P1 Series. Each consists of a hot end with silicone sleeve, ceramic heater, thermistor and cooling fan, providing superior toughness and durability, as well as easy installation and replacement. It is not only suitable for standard 1.75mm 3D printer wire, but also for nylon carbon fibre, nylon glass fibre and other technical consumables.

Also, with this one-piece mould design, the heating speed of the module is much faster than that of a normal module. In addition, the one-piece mould design effectively reduces the possible problems of changing nozzles, and it can print at a high flow rate while guaranteeing hardness!

Let's improve your print quality by choosing the Bambu complete hotend assembly!

How to Replace the Complete Hotend?

Highlight of Various Nozzle Diameters
0.2mm Nozzle Optimal Print Fineness
Extremely small layer gaps and more detailed on the vertical print surface.
Detail Comparison of 0.2 and 0.4mm

0.2mm Nozzle Optimal Print Fineness

Smaller diameter extrudes thin filaments and high resolution on the horizontal print surface.

Resolution Comparison of 0.2 and 0.4mm

0.6mm and 0.8mm Nozzle Faster Print Speed
Larger diameter extrudes more filaments per second, resulting in faster print speed.

Comparison of Different Nozzle Diameters

Comparison of Different Nozzle Diameters
The 0.4mm nozzle is widely recognized as the standard nozzle diameter for modern 3D printers due to its optimal balance between print quality and print speed. This nozzle size is utilized in both the Bambu Lab X1 Series and P1 Series 3D printers.
Filament Compatibility
Material 0.2 mm Nozzle 0.4mm Nozzle 0.6mm Nozzle 0.8mm Nozzle Hardened Steel Required?
General PLA Yes Yes Yes Yes Optional
PLA Sparkle *No Yes Yes Yes Optional
PLA Marble *No Yes Yes Yes Optional
Wood/Rock/Metal-filled PLA *No Yes Yes Yes Optional
PETG Yes Yes Yes Yes Optional
PVA Yes Yes Yes Yes Optional
ABS Yes Yes Yes Yes Optional
ASA Yes Yes Yes Yes Optional
PC Yes Yes Yes Yes Optional
PA *No Yes Yes Yes Optional
TPU *No Yes Yes Yes Optional
Bambu PLA-CF *No *Highly Recommended Yes Yes *Required
Bambu PETG-CF *No *Highly Recommended Yes Yes *Required
Bambu PAHT-CF *No Yes *Highly Recommended Yes *Required
Bambu PET-CF *No Yes *Highly Recommended Yes *Required
CF/GF Filaments from other brands *No Not Recommended Yes Yes *Required

1. Filaments with carbon fiber, glass fiber, metal, or other inorganic particles are prone to clog a 0.2 mm nozzle.
2. For filaments containing carbon fiber or glass fiber, it is highly recommended to use a hardened steel 0.6 mm nozzle to minimize the risk of clogging and abrasion.
3. Bambu PLA-CF and Bambu PETG-CF have been extensively tested and proven to have a low risk of clogging when printed with a hardened steel 0.4 mm nozzle, while also achieving higher print quality.

Configuration of Bambu Hotend

Configuration of Bambu Hotend
If you need to swap your nozzle, you can either replace the Hotend with Nozzle on your original complete hotend assembly or replace the whole Complete Hotend Assembly.

In the Box
- Complete Hotend Assembly - X1E
- M3-14 Step Screws * 2

X1E (not for X1 and X1C)

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Length 47.3mm
Packaging Weight        40g
Packaging Dimension 190 x 70 x 50 mm
Max. Printing Temp. 300℃

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