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Eureka FD-3D26 Dry Box - for 3D Printing Filament
Product model DB0006
Brand Eureka
Price 4500(TAX)


Eureka (收藏家) FD-3D26 Dry Boxes - For 3D printing filament

In addition to machine selection, parameter settings and material selection, there is another small detail that affects the completion and success rate of 3D printing. Without further ado, let's watch the video first !


With the development of 3D printing materials in recent years, a variety of different materials have been developed to meet the needs of different industries and fields, further expanding the market for DIY applications of 3D printers. Thermoplastics (e.g. PLA, ABS resin, HIPS, nylon), HDPE, eutectics, edible materials, rubber (universal putty), modelling clay, plasticine putty, room temperature vulcanised organic silica, porcelain, metal clay (including precious metal clay).

Eureka 3D Printing Filament Dry Box Features:

  1. <15% RH Ultra-low humidity drying, moisture resistant, 1 hour rapid desiccation.
  2. Four filament feed ports for direct printing under optimum conditions.
  3. Airtight housing to prevent dust and moisture ingress.
  4. No consumables, no desiccant to replace.

In addition to adjusting the parameters of the 3D printing software for different print materials, dehumidifying the print materials in Hong Kong's humid environment is a detail that needs attention, but is rarely mentioned in the techniques and courses when purchasing 3D printing materials. However, it is rarely mentioned in the techniques and courses when choosing 3D printing materials. It is only when choosing other filaments and consumables that we see the relevant discussions.

The filament tested in the video - Nylon is an ultra-hygroscopic print material. Exposure to Hong Kong's humid environment for less than 18 hours shows that, when printing the moist material passes through the nozzles and the high temperature turns water into steam, affecting the completeness, flatness and success rate of the prints. Even the newly opened print material itself contains moisture, which can easily cause the surface of the finished product to become uneven and blistered, affecting the quality and success rate of the print.

Relatively, placed in the Eureka <15% RH ultra-low humidity 3D printing materials special electronic moisture-proof box, nylon materials can have a flat surface when printing, through the smoothness of high-temperature nozzles can also make the finished product after printing more refined, smooth, flat, thus improving the success rate. Eureka 3D printing material dry box, ensure you have a high success rate of the finished product.

Model FD-3D26
Outter Dimensions (W)38 x (W)26 x (D)28.5 cm
Inner Dimensions (W)34 x (W) 20 x (D) 23.5 cm
Volume 25L
Humidity Control Range (%RH) <15%, Note: 1 hour rapid humidification is for the empty box condition, or the box is placed in the finished box.
Dehumidifier Compact Dehumidifier
Mainframe Power (W) 4
Humidity Meter Type TDT Precision Calibration Hygrometer
Layer Type/ Quantity No
Other Accessories Symbol Lock
Exterior Features (Cabinets) "Airtight" high grade lacquered steel cabinets
Exterior Features (Facade) Glass PVC Frame Airtight Door

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