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Eureka Auto Dry Box Turbo 96
Product model DB004
Brand Eureka
Price 14400(TAX)


Eureka Auto Dry Box Turbo 96

Do you still think that "a auto dry box is only used to store your camera"? In fact, its function is far beyond your imagination. Whether it's clothing, food, leather goods, electronic products or a collection of objects, they all need to be protected from moisture and kept dry. Using a auto dry box can not only prolong the life of an object, keep it in good condition and even preserve its value but also protect your health.

Eureka Auto Dry Box Turbo 96

High-strength airtight silver-decorated door frame + reinforced glass door surface:
.The New curved handle/ key for safety and aesthetics.

Patented Super-flexible, Moisture-resistant Storage Design:
. Upper and lower adjustable plastic shelves + hooks for maximum storage area.

Japanese-made precision humidity meter:
. No circuit connection with the dehumidifier can monitor the humidity inside the cabinet independently without falsification/ distortion/ power failure to protect your valuables.
Turbo Dehumidifier :
The Turbo Dehumidifier is the only dehumidifying technology proven by over 500,000 professional users. And then through the dry material formula surface area absorption and drainage of moisture using the exclusive know-how, the original Turbo dehumidifier.

Eureka Auto Dry Box Turbo 96

aves Electricity and there is also some moisture protection for power outages.
. Dehumidification at atmospheric pressure, no vacuum / N2 dry air inconvenience.
. Fully automatic dehumidification/ control <20%RH, no water pouring, no replacement of consumables, almost zero-fault precision mechanical silent operation.
. Room temperature dehumidification.

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Maximum size 40×69.2×41 inches
Style Single door
Plastic plane laminate 3 pieces
Volume 93L
The rated voltage 110V/60Hz
Power consumption 3W
Weight 10.5kg

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