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FLUX Lazervida Cone Spacers (5 pieces)
Product model FX0061
Brand FLUX

FLUX Lazervida Cone Spacers (5 pieces)

FLUX Lazervida cone spacers are suitable for all types of laser cutters/machines and are ideal for the prevention of laser reflection during the cutting of materials !

Key Features :
Sticks easily to the honeycomb
• Avoids reflection of the burn mark on the material

FLUX Lazervida Cone Spacers (5 pieces)      


Cone Spacers are essential for reducing reflection during laser cutting, as they act as a separator between the material being cut and the base plate.

This helps maintain a clear line of sight between the focal point of the laser beam and the material surface, ensuring more accurate cuts with less build-up heat.

FLUX Lazervida Cone Spacers (5 pieces) in progress

FLUX Lazervida Cone Spacers (5 pieces)

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Spacer's Diameter 14.5 mm
Spacer's Weight 6 g
Spacer's Height 12 m
Package Dimension 95 x 92 x 20 mm
Package Weight 58 g

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