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Intamsys Funmat Pro 310 3D Printer
Product model IT0005
Brand Intamsys

Intamsys Funmat Pro 310 3D Printer

In order to respond to the high quality and diversified needs of our customers quickly, INTAMSYS has been exploring the technology in depth. On 15th November, the new member of the FUNMAT series - FUNMAT PRO 310 - was officially launched worldwide. The new product was launched live stream at the INTAMSYS headquarters in Shanghai and at Formnext Frankfurt. FUNMAT PRO 310 combines the latest technologies into one, allowing engineers to focus on business innovation and meet the needs of a wide range of applications.

Build Volume
Single Nozzle : 305 x 260 x 260 mm
Dual Nozzle : 260 x 260 x 260 mm


Intamsys Funmat Pro 310 3D Printer

With IDEX dual nozzle, With More Possibilities

Independent dual IDEX extruder with support material solutions, ensure prints quality on complex textured parts
    and enable flexible reproduction and mirror printing
Modular printhead design, quick-change system for easy installation, replacement and maintenance
Dual duct cooling for increased cooling capacity
Automatic speed control for a wide range of printing scenarios

Intamsys Funmat Pro 310 3D Printer IDEX dual nozzle

Individual Quick Change Nozzles, Plug and Use

Easy to remove modular design for easy installation and maintenance
Transparent window for easy viewing of the filament status
High strength and accuracy thermal design

PWM controlled high volume turbine fan with CAE based dual side chamber heating ducts for even chamber heating
The Chamber temperatures up to 100°C with less than 5% fluctuation and uniform distribution. This ensures  fast heating, low internal stress and good layer bonding during printing,
    reducing thermal deformation and shrinkage of the model during the printing process, avoiding warpage and enabling large format full size moulding
Maximum nozzle temperature is 300°C
High power nozzle heaters reduce heat-up time and ensure the nozzle is heated quickly and the filament is fully melted in the nozzle

Intamsys Funmat Pro 310 3D Printer design
Multi-insulation Design
High temperature resistant organ hood on top, fully covered with thick insulation on the exterior of the chamber, double glazed front door for thermal insulation
Intamsys Funmat Pro 310 3D Printer multi-insulation design
.Individually Designed INTAMBox for High Quality Printing
Hermetically sealed design with reusable moisture-absorbing molecular sieves to maintain low humidity inside the cassette for long periods of time, eliminating the need for repeated drying of nylon (PA) and other moisture-absorbing materials to ensure long-term print quality. Dispersing design to avoid tangles and knots.
Intamsys Funmat Pro 310 3D Printer INTAMBox
.Industrial performance at your fingertips
Spring steel build plate, better adhesion effect of the first printing layer, printed parts are easy to peel off and can be reused many times.
Intamsys Funmat Pro 310 3D Printer build plate
.Printing of Suitable Filaments
Provide perfect water-soluble/easily peelable support material solutions for ABS/ABS+/PC/PC-ABS/PA/PA-CF and other engineering materials to ensure the surface accuracy of moulded parts and achieve high-quality moulding of complex structures.
Intamsys funmat filament
The New UI Interactive Interface, With Printed Model Preview and Progress Display Support
Intuitive User Interface
1. Easy to operate: Task navigation
2. Modern style
3. Graphical interaction: Print dynamic previews
4. Mapping to reality

Process Monitoring
1. Printer Process Parameters
2. Remoting Printing
3. Production Statistics
4. Online Diagnostic Monitoring
5. Batch print queue

Team Collaboration
1. Auto update
2. Synchronization of filaments and data
3. Mature Team role management, to meet enterprise demands
Intamsys software

Intamsys software
The suitable filaments can be selected according to the product requirements. Contact us to get more details more about Intamsys 3D printers !

Build Volume Single Nozzle : 305 (L) ×260 (W) × 260 (H) mm;
Dual Nozzle : 260 (L) x260 (W) x260 (H) mm
Layer Height 0.1- 0.3mm
Number of Extruder 2(IDEX)
Nozzle Temperature Maximum 300°C
Printing Speed Maximum 120mm/s
Nozzle Diameter Standard:0.4mm (Optional:0.25, 0.6mm)
Chamber Temperature  Maximum 100°C
Build Plate Temperature   Maximum 160°C
Leveling Automatic adjustment of multi-point leveling (up to 100 points)
Fialment Diameter 1.75mm
Recommeded Printing Filament PA6/66, PA6-CF, PA12-CF, PC, PC-ABS, ABS, ASA, PLA, HIPS, PVA
PS : The range of print filaments is not limited and the recommended print filaments are those that have been well proven on the equipment
Intelligent Design Break alarm, remote monitoring, remote control system, remote printing
Voltage 100–132V/15A or 200 – 240V/7A. 50/60 Hz
Maximum Power 1600W
Connectivity WiFi, Ethernet, USB
Control Panel 7" Touch Screen
Build Plate Sprint Steel Magnetic Build Plate with Polymide Heating Film
Cooling System Active air-cooling
Nozzle Protection Quick release design, easy to install and dismantle, easy to maintain
Design of Filament Box Standalone, overall sealed, built-in reusable molecuar sieve to ensure low humidity, real-time monitoring of TEMP and HUM.
Number of Filament Trays 2 (Max 1Kg/pcs)
Moving Speed Max.XY 500mm/s
Resolution XY: 16μm Z: 1.25μm
Filtering System HEPA+Activated Carbon
Product Dimension 700 x 655 x 700mm
Safety Design Safety door lock, over temperature protection, overload protection, warning labels
Safety Standards EN60204
Cetification CE, FCC, SGS
Slicing Software IntamSuite
File Format .stl/ .obj/.x3d/.3mf/.stp/.iges
Operating System Windows

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