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Makera 4th Axis Module
Product model MR0002
Brand Makera
Price 16800(TAX)


Makera 4th Axis Module

With Makera's 4th Axis Module, Much More Possibilities! The all-metal Makera's 4th Axis Module is versatile, detailed and easy to set up. You're no longer limited by any materials and let the machine do the rest to have a beautiful,  precise and realistic craft!


Makera 4th Axis Module with result


With Carvera's 4th axis module, you can machine cylindrical objects, double-sided objects and any 3D shape. You are no longer limited by 3D printer materials, plastic, wood or even metal, you can create beautiful yet realistic crafts.

Makera 4th Axis Module result

The all-metal construction makes the 4th axis as rigid and precise as the other 3 axes, allowing you to create beautiful, detailed crafts with ease.

The all-metal designed Makera 4th Axis Module

Easy to set up
With the Carvera's automatic tool change, automatic probing and anchor-based co-ordination system, you can set up the 4th axis job in the software and let the machine do the rest, just as easily as 3-axis jobs.

Makera 4th Axis Module is easy to set-up

Software support
The two CAM software we recommend on the software page: Fusion 360 and VCarve Desktop both support 4th axis machining. Fusion 360 is suitable for 3D mechanical parts, VCarve is better for machining rotary reliefs.

The two CAM software of Makera 4th Axis Module
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Work Area 9.2cm (Diameter)*24cm (Length) / 3.6in*9.4in
Weight 2.5 kg
Drive System Belt driven with reduction ratio
Motor Nema17 stepper motor
Max Speed 360° / s
Rotary Precision 0.05°
Materials Wood, plastic, Non-Ferrous metal
Software Fusion 360, VCarve, etc.

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