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Makera PCB Fabrication Pack
Product model MR0004
Brand Makera
Price 12800(TAX)


Makera PCB Fabrication Pack

Let's turn your Carvera CNC Machine into a professional PCB factory! No matter if you are a beginner, you can create a professional and user-friendly PCB with the all-in-one package by yourself !


Makera PCB Fabrication Pack with PCB result

Apply the Solder Mask
The solder mask can make your PCB look better and much easier to solder. Makera offer a simple and elegant way to apply it to your PCB and a special spring-loaded milling tool to remove it afterwards.

Makera PCB Fabrication Pack applying solder mask

Laser Engraving Silkscreen

With Carvera's built-in laser module, you can easily engrave the silkscreen on the solder mask, making your PCB look even more professional and user-friendly.

Makera PCB Fabrication Pack laser engraving the silkscreen
Making double-sided PCB
Making double-sided PCBs is challenging, Makera provide an all-in-one PCB package that helps you make them with ease, and will provide step-by-step tutorials for beginners.
Makera PCB Fabrication Pack of the result on double-sided PCB

Software Solution
Makera have developed an intuitive Gerber (PCB file format) to CAD file converter that allows you to work with VCarve Desktop or other CAM software you are already familiar with. So there's no need to switch between different software packages.

Makera PCB Fabrication Pack of supported software

Package Includes :

- UV curable solder mask paint x 5
- UV solder mask roller x 1
- 1/8" 60degree 0.1mm V-Bit x 2
- 1/8" 30degree 0.2mm V-Bit x 2

- UV solder mask removal tool x 2
- Double side machining dowel pin x 20
- PCB milling / drilling bits x 20
- Through hole rivet (0.2mm - 1mm) x 1000
- Single side PCB (10*15 cm) x 10
- Double side PCB (10*15 cm) x 10
- UV cure lamp x 1 

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