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Makera Spare Wireless Probe
Product model MR0003
Brand Makera
Price 6500(TAX)


Makera Spare Wireless Probe

One of Makera Carvera's critical components for auto-probing and auto-levelling is the wireless probe. This is a backup that you can use out of the box as you wish.


Makera Spare Wireless Probe

The first time you use the wireless probe, you will need to charge it and pair it with the Carvera machine. The probe supplied is already paired with the machine. For more information on charging and pairing the wireless probe, see the user guide.


Unlike the fall of other milling bits, the fall of a wireless probe can cause serious damage to the probe. Use the wireless probe with care. Always watch its trajectory and stop the machine if you encounter obstacles to protect the wireless probe.

What's in the box:

- 1 * Wireless probe with 1/8" tail shaft installed
- 1 * 4mm tail shaft
- 1 * 6mm tail shaft
- 1 * 1/4" tail shaft

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