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Matterport Pro3 Tripod Mount
Product model MP0035
Brand Matterport
Price 5900(TAX)


Matterport Pro3 Tripod Mount - Specific Mount Designed for Pro 3
Easy to set up and operate, it provides a reliable and stable mounting platform for the scanner.
Matterport Pro3 3D Scanner with Tripod Mount

Product Features
Quick Release Clamp - With precise connection to ensure the that can be tightened on ball heads, tripod or monopod.
Built-in Clutch - Designed with adjustable leveler
.High Quality - Made of high-quality aluminum alloy.

Mode of Operation

Attaching the Tripod Mount on the tripod

Step 1 : Attaching the Tripod Mount on the tripod.

Matterport Pro3 Tripod Mount and closing the clip

Step 2 : Open the side clips, attach the Pro Scanner to the Tripod Mount and close the clips to secure it.

Matterport Pro3 3D Scanner with Tripod Mount

 The Matterport Pro 3 3D Scanner rotates freely and smoothly with specific tripod mount on the tripod.


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8.4 cm x 4.8 cm

Tripod Thread

3/8" thread

Camera Mount

Pro 3 exclusive

Weight 380g

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