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FormBox Vacuum Former - Refurbished
Product model MKRB01
Brand Mayku
Original price 29000 Price 20800(TAX)


FormBox Desktop Vacuum Former - Refurbished

"3DMart Refurbished Opportunity" is a Vacuum Former that only used for customer display and printing services in the past and is operated and maintained by professional engineers and internal staff. It is still working well today, not a repair machine, a defective machine, or a customer machine.

In addition to replacing parts and accessoriess, engineers also regularly clean and maintain them-and these used Vacuum Former is still very complete and works well, so we offer you another option at a favorable price.

Since these are not brand-new products, there may be some use marks, color variations, and slight scratches. We thoroughly test and sort all self-use goods before selling them. Therefore, without depriving you of all the features that are supposed to be in this model, you can still get a high-quality print with a stable print. At the same time, you'll receive a 3-month warranty and a more favorable price. Availability of these machines is limited, so grab it now!

FormBox Desktop Vacuum Former

FormBox puts industrial vacuum molding technology on the table, can be powered by any household vacuum cleaner, and works with a wide range of materials; fast, affordable, versatile and easy to use, it quickly turns your imagination into reality and mass production. 

.Unlimited Reproduction

Mayku FormBox makes molds in seconds, speeds up product development cycles and makes it easier than ever to imagine. Just four steps and you're ready to customize a mold or package in no time:

.Step 1: Place a 3D printed object, laser processed or any sample prototype on the FormBox platform.
.Step 2: Press the sheet of material inside the FormBox and the mold will be finished automatically in a few seconds.
.Step 3: Fill the mold with chocolate, resin, plaster, cement or any other material you like.
. Step 4: Take out the mold and finish the product and keep mass production, you can also use FormBox to customize the packaging!


.Product Features :
Material Replacement : The machine is equipped with an innovative material sheet loading system and an easy-to-use quick-release handle.
Ultra Fine Mesh : Constructed of ultra fine mesh to increase airflow.
Universal Connector : With the universal connector, the FormBox can operate with any household vacuum cleaner.

No More Waiting
No more outsourcing and queuing, just seconds with the mould in hand.
.Rapid Creativity
Quickly test ideas and make changes until they're good enough. The desktop vacuum former is compact and affordable and can be used immediately inside the office or studio.
.Cost Saving
One piece is all you need! There is no minimum quantity (MOQ), whether you make 1 or 100 models, it only costs the price of one material sheet.
Save Thousands of Dollars, Compared to Outsourcing Production
Putting industrial vacuum molding technology on the table creates more value for your business.
Co-operation with material suppliers around the world
Different material can be used to experience the design in various forms from product packaging to cultural and creative goods or food molds and you can pick and choose according to your needs.

*Refurbished machines do not include the consumables and additional parts included in the machine, please contact us for more information if you need!

Ariticle about FormBox :

Appearence Height 315mm
Height (with handles) 466mm
Appearence Width 274mm
Forming Bed 200mm (L) x 200mm (W) x 130mm (H)
Weight 13KG
Ceramic Heater Temperature 160°C - 340°C
Suitable Filament PETG, HIPS, PLA, Polypropylene, Polycarbonate, Polystyrene, PVC, Kydex, HDPE, LDPE, EVA foam, TPU, ABS, Extruded Acrylic
Prototype Material 3D Printing : FDM PLA, FDM ABS, FDM Nylon, Most of the 3D Printing, Most of the SLA 3D samples, Most of the SLS 3D Printing samples, Wood, CNC milling and injection molding, Plastic such as ABS or Nylon, Steel, Aluminum、Gypsum、Polyurethane rubber、Hardened clay、Organic silicon、Papper and card、Tempered glass
Mateiral Thickness Thickness of .025 to 1.5mm thermoplastic sheets
Power 110V 5A 1000W (According to your country)
240V 5A 1000W(According to your country)
2000W Maxium Flux

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