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Multiplier Pressure Forming EVA Sheets 1.5mm*10
Product model MK0017
Brand Mayku
Price 4800(TAX)


Multiplier Pressure Forming EVA - Produce flexible, shock-absorbent parts that are easy to recycle.

EVA stands for Ethylene Vinyl Acetate, and is known for its flexibility, durability, and lightweight properties. EVA is a non-toxic material, making it safe for use in consumer products such as shoes, toys, and even food packaging. EVA is increasingly popular in many different industries because it is easy to process and recycle, making it more environmentally friendly than other plastics.

Key properties:

☑Shock absorbent capabilities
Insulating and waterproofing           properties
Easy to process and recycle
Excellent flexibility
Good strength
Tear resistant
Resistant to water, UV radiation, and    chemicals
Ultra high detail

Useful for:

☑Protective packaging
2-part molds
Shoe soles and insoles
Hot melt adhesives
Pressure-sensitive tapes
Button shrouds

Forming time
Available thickness
Cost per sheet

EVA 1.5mm applications

Button shroud

Button shrouds are small pieces of plastic that cover buttons, switches, and other electronic components that need protection from the elements or accidental contact. Ethylene-vinyl acetate (EVA) can produce a strong, durable, and waterproof product that can be relied on to provide this protection.


Face brush

EVA is a lightweight yet durable material that is soft to the touch, making it ideal for a comfortable, gentle brushing experience that won't cause irritation or abrasions on the skin. The individual bristles can be customized to the desired shape and size, depending on the user's preferences and needs.

Food lid

EVA is a non-toxic plastic which is extremely resistant to tearing and abrasion. It also has excellent thermal insulation properties, which makes it perfect for keeping food warm or cold, depending on the desired application. EVA is also dishwasher safe and can withstand temperatures up to 60°C, making it perfect for food container lids where hot liquids may be stored.


Ice cube mold

EVA can be used to produce ice cube molds due to its water-resistant and shock-absorption properties and ability to withstand temperatures as low as -35°C without the risk of cracking or breaking. EVA is eco-friendly, non-toxic, easy to recycle, and process, making it a reliable and practical choice for the manufacturing of ice cube molds.



EVA is a popular material for mouthguards because of its shock-absorbing properties. These properties help to cushion impacts and protect the teeth and gums from injury. Additionally, EVA is lightweight, flexible, and non-toxic, making it comfortable and safe to wear for extended periods of time.


Reasons to choose EVA for your application:

● Lightweight
● Excellent shock absorption capabilities
● UV resistant
● Good thermal insulation properties
● Excellent flexibility
● Easy to de-mold
● Water resistant
● Chemical resistant
● Non-toxic

  • 1.5 mm透明材料片
  • 10片入
  • 直徑: 428mm x 428mm

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