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Multiplier Pressure Forming HIPS Sheets 1.0mm*10
Product model MK0015
Brand Mayku
Price 2500(TAX)


Multiplier Pressure Forming HIPS - Rapidly prototype using a recyclable material with a smooth, satin finish.

HIPS Rapidly prototype using a recyclable material with a smooth, satin finish.


HIPS (High Impact Polystyrene) is a lightweight thermoplastic material which is a type of polystyrene that has been modified to improve its toughness and impact resistance.

HIPS is known for its high strength, rigidity, and dimensional stability. It has excellent electrical properties and is resistant to many chemicals. HIPS is also relatively inexpensive compared to other thermoplastics, which makes it a popular choice for a wide range of applications.


Key properties:

☑High strength
☑High rigidity
☑Excellent dimensional stability
☑Excellent electrical properties
☑Resistant to many chemicals
☑Relatively inexpensive compared to other ☑thermoplastics
☑Smooth white satin finish
☑Fully recyclable
☑Partly made from recycled plastic waste

Useful for:

☑Product packaging
☑Display cases
☑Models and figurines
☑Signs and displays
☑Automotive parts
☑Medical equipment
☑Consumer electronics

Forming time
Available thickness

Cost per sheet

HIPS 1mm applications


HIPS is a good choice for low-cost packaging due to its cost-effectiveness, high strength and rigidity, and smooth white satin finish. It also has the added benefit of being fully recyclable and partly made from recycled plastic waste, making it an eco-friendly packaging option.

Bespoke POS displays

HIPS is a strong, rigid, and dimensionally stable material that's great for making cost-effective and customized POS displays. It has a smooth white satin finish, which looks attractive on the display. Besides being strong, HIPS is also affordable compared to other thermoplastics, making it a budget-friendly option for POS displays.


Toy parts

HIPS is a cost-effective material for packaging toys due to its strength, rigidity, and smooth finish. It also has environmental benefits as it is fully recyclable and made partly from recycled plastic waste.

Reasons to choose HIPS for your application:

● High impact resistance

● Fully recyclable
● Partly made from recycled plastic waste
● Electrical insulation properties
● Excellent dimensional stability
● Chemical resistance
● Smooth white satin finis
● Lightweight
● High strength
● High rigidity
● Relatively inexpensive compared to other   thermoplastics

FormBox 桌上型真空成型機 0.5mm透明材料片 30包

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