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Mayku Multiplier Reducing Plate
Product model MK0021
Brand Mayku
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Mayku Multiplier Reducing Plate

Seamlessly integrated into the Mayku Multiplier, the Reducing Plate condenses the Multiplier's forming area down to A4 or US Letter size, giving access to hundreds of global sheet suppliers who provide straight cut sheets, allowing the use of both thicker and thinner materials and also reducing waste.

Mayku Multiplier Reducing Plate

The Reducing Plate fits neatly into the Multipier's forming area, condensing it down to A4 or Letter size. With sheets of this size, you have an available forming area of 250 x 180 mm and can work with rectangular sheets, making it much easier to source sheets from different suppliers.

The reducing plate also allows you to use higher tooling than with standard size multiplier sheets and can reduce unwanted thermoforming effects such as webbing.

Different materials have unique forming temperatures and pressures. In general, thicker sheets require higher pressure for effective forming. When used in conjunction with the Custom Mode, the Reducing Plate allows the Multiplier to work with materials over 5mm thick, opening up a wide range of thermoformable materials and producing strong parts that don't sacrifice detail.

Mayku Multiplier Reducing Plate with Multiplier

Key Features :

  Reduce material waste when forming smaller parts
✔  Work with thicker materials over 5mm
✔  Work with thinner materials as low as 100 microns
✔  Use more readily available materials in A4 or US Letter size
✔  Decrease webbing on tall parts by reducing the amount of material that would "bunch" around a given part

Using the Mayku Multiplier Reducing Plate

Find instructions on how to use the Reducing Plate in the video below :


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