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FORMART S Smart Vacuum Former
Product model MY0017
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FORMART S Smart Vacuum Former
— Easy to Use × Mini Size × Powerful Functions — 

Myyard is a world leader in the design and manufacture of vacuum former, downsized from the factory but with no loss of power, optimised specifications and performance and the ability to turn "ideas" into "business".

FORMART S Smart Vacuum Former

FORMART S — The Smartest Mini Vacuum Former
Y o u r   C r e a t i v e   T e a m m a t e

Traditionally, the cost of making a single mould is high, the MOQ can be as high as 500 and the production process can take up to 6-8 weeks. With the intelligent Desktop Vacuum Former, it only takes 5 minutes to make just one! Professionalism and convenience, you no longer have to choose between the two. FORMART has reduced the size of industrial grade machines, allowing you to save a lot of cost and time and turn your creativity into a promising business!

FORMART S Unboxing!
— FORMART S Main Features —

Exclusive Sheet Dehumidifying Function

The world's only vacuum former with built-in plastic sheet dehumidification function, which can automatically control the dehumidification parameter for different plastic sheet materials, so that damp plastic sheets do not cause air bubble defects or are discarded during forming.
FORMART S Vacuum Former

Professional and convenient at the same time
FORMART S is equipped with an "Advanced Mode" that gives you maximum flexibility! Don't worry if you are not a professional user, the "Simple Mode" offers three intelligent suction modes, just press the button and set the complicated parameters for you directly, and then mould directly without any hassle!
The detail of FORMART S Smart Vacuum Former

Ultra-miniature A4 Body for Flexible Use
FORMART S has an ultra-miniature A4 size body that takes up little space, does not tie up consumables and allows easy access to the platen. It also has the first wooden CNC base plate, which greatly reduces heat absorption and makes moulding more delicate!

FORMART S Smart Vacuum Former has mini A4 body
Suitable for A4 size plastic sheet

Exclusive Suction Control Technology, Not Only Powerful But Also Free Forming
It's not the power of the vacuum former that's impressive, it's the ability to control the suction power that's really impressive. The FORMART S has an 80W industrial vacuum pump that not only provides industrial strength suction up to -90 KPA, but also has a built-in vacuum sensor and exclusive flow control technology that allows you to define your own FORMART vacuum level!
FORMART S Smart Vacuum Former can carry 50kg car wheels
Powerful to carry on the car wheels

Modular Design, Easy Maintenance
FORMART was designed from the beginning with easy maintenance as a priority so the whole machine adopts modular design, every time you turn on the machine, it will carry out self-test as long as the machine fails, the screen will prompt you with the faulty module, you only need to easily remove the faulty module and send it back for replacement.
FORMART S Smart Vacuum Former has Modular Design is to easy maintenance

Complete Material Database
The FORMART S has the world's most complete database of 17 types of plastic sheets, making it easy to create jobs with or without original plastic sheets. The FORMART S also has a 5-set memory function for quick and easy recall of customised working parameters.
The Sample of FORMART

Exclusive Preheat Setting
The built-in heater preheat programme greatly improves the quality of the moulding process and allows a wide range of technical plastics to be moulded, making FORMART the most versatile vacuum former in terms of the number of plastics that can be moulded.

Rapid Warming in 3.5 mins, Rapid Warming in All Areas

By using an industrial grade carbon fibre quartz heating tube, the heating speed is 3 times faster than that of ordinary small vacuum forming machines! In addition, the feature of uniform heating over the whole area ensures that the moulding quality is as exquisite as that of a professional moulding machine.

FORMART S can speed up to high temperature in 3mins
The carbon fibre quartz heating tube has average heating and quick heat up functions.

Quick Lock Plate, Stop Anywhere Safety Bracket
With the exclusive patented quick locking plate, the plastic plate can be locked instantly by turning the handle so you don't have to touch the high temperature plastic plate holder, eliminating the possibility of burns. In addition, this pallet does not use the linkage mechanism that can pinch your fingers but still has the function of stopping the pallet at any height, so you don't need to remove the moulds and you can quickly put in the next pallet, with high working efficiency!
FORMART S has Quick Lock Plate, Stop Anywhere Safety Bracket

100% Made in Taiwan! The longest Warranty in the Industry
FORMART is 100% produced, manufactured and R&D in Taiwan, every detail has been adjusted and designed many times, and the whole machine is manually tested to ensure quality. The core components have the industry's longest 2-year warranty! And the whole machine is commissioned by the German Rheinland Laboratory for product safety certification, so you do not have to worry, safety, peace of mind is guaranteed!
Your solution is here — FORMART S

Your solution is here — FORMART S

— FORMART S Test and Samples —

Modeler Youtuber - 橘子 (@toy_high)
For modellers, a vacuum former can make many wild ideas come true. The FORMART S samrt vacuum former can complete the task of one-sided moulding, whether it's a transparent material or a plastic modification, in just three steps of "rotate, rotate, press", greatly improving the efficiency of model making!

橘子 (@toy_high): "Super fast! Super easy! The Easy way to spin! This is a great way to make model in 10 seconds! The texture is so different from the beginning!"

DIY Youtuber — 不務正業 (@harryhowiefish)

He said, "I would recommend FORMART S to anyone who needs to make a mould. I don't think the benefits of vacuum moulding can be replaced by any other moulding method".

FORMART S Hands-on Seminar (Taipei)

Samples of FORMART S
— Comparison of Different Models —
Display 3.5“480*320 Full Color LCD
Sheet Thickness 0.3 ~ 3.0mm
Max. Draw 160mm Max.
Heater Carbon Fibre Quartz Tube 60 ~ 230°C
Power 100 - 120 VAC / 1500 Watt
220 - 240 VAC / 1500 Watt
100 - 120 VAC / 800 Watt
220 - 240 VAC / 800 Watt
Sheet Size 4 Size Switchable
500 x 300mm / 420 x 300mm / 300 x 300mm / 300 x 205mm
Single Size
300 x 205mm
Pump DC Brushless 200W+ AC 80W AC 80W
Max. Vacuum -90 KPA -90 KPA
Machine Dimension 625(W) x 534(H) x 476(D) mm 502(W) x 464(H) x 312(D) mm
Weight 25 KG 24 KG 13 KG
Suction Mode Build in Pressure Meter
3 Modes, Adjustable
WIithout Pressure Meter
3 Modes, 3 Pressures
Without Pressure Meter
2 Modes, Adjustable
Mold Stripping
Sheet Scanning
Cooling Fan
Product Included
• 30cm x 20.5cm HIPS * 30 sheets
• One set of cat bowl molds
• Webbing remover kit
• USB  cable
• Heat-resistant gloves
• Basic tool kit

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Machine Dimension 50(W) x 46(H) x 31(D)cm
Weight 12.8Kg
Power 100~120VAC@800Watt or 220~240VAC@800Watt
Display 3.5” 480*320 Full Color LCD
Heater Quartz heater tube
Heating Temperature 60~230゚C
Sheet Size 30×20.5cm
Sheet Thickness 0.3~3.0mm
Pump Type 80W AC induction pump(Build in)
Flow Range 10~90%(Tunable)
Max. of Draw 16cm Max

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