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Phrozen Post-Processing Kit
Product model PH0192
Brand Phrozen
Price 599(TAX)


Phrozen Post-Processing Kit

The professional and thoughtful 3D printing kit contains a variety of basic tools for disassembling, cleaning and organizing models, whether you are a professional 3D printing enthusiast or a beginner, this kit can meet your various needs in printing light-curable LCDs.

All-round 3D printing kit

The 3D printing tool box provides all the essential tools, whether it is before and after printing, or environmental maintenance!


Multiple scraper options

From inspecting resin tanks to cleaning 3D printing resin, from removing models from printed stages to removing residue, plastic, metal and silicone scrapers are used in different steps to help you handle every stage of your printing with ease.


Fast and easy to recycle resin

By using a filter and a collapsible filter, used resin can be easily recovered without worrying about the resin splashing around the surrounding area during the recycling process, causing environmental chaos.


Easy removal of model support

Easily and accurately remove model supports, ensuring that your model surface is not damaged. This makes the post-processing process smoother, allowing you to present detailed 3D printed models.

Safe and clean workspace

The kit contains gloves, silicone pads and wipes to protect hands from chemicals while facilitating cleaning and maintenance of the environment.


• 1 silicone spatula

• 1 metal spatula
• 1 plastic spatula
• 1 diagonal pliers
• 1 sheet of sandpaper
• 1 filter
• Collapsible silicone funnel 1 pcs
• 1 brush
• 1 pair of gloves
• 1 silicone pad
• 1 wipe



Box dimensions L 34.3 x W 25.3 x H 9.1 cm

1 silicone spatula
1 metal spatula
1 plastic spatula
1 diagonal pliers
1 sheet of sandpaper
1 filter
Collapsible silicone funnel 1 pcs
1 brush
1 pair of gloves
1 silicone pad
1 wipe

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