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Phrozen Pump & Fill (For Sonic Mega 8K S)
Product model PH0185
Brand Phrozen
Price 3599(TAX)


Phrozen Pump & Fill - Automated Resin Feeder (For Sonic Mega 8K S)

Pump & Fill - Speeds Up Your Printing Process
Specially designed for the Sonic Mega 8K S, it allows you to print large quantities without the hassle of cleaning when resin is low or overfilled, making it easy to print continuously for long periods of time. Don't hesitate! Add an automatic dispenser to your Mega 8K S today and improve your printing experience and productivity!

Key Features:
Auto Detect:
Automatic resin pumping and filling with auto-sensor detection.
Auto-Fill:Reduces replenishment process and you won't have to worry about prints failing due to lack of resin. You'll always have enough.
Auto-Pump:To make it easier and safer to clean the tank, it automatically sucks the remaining resin back into the bottle after you've finished printing.
Built-in Interface:The Sonic Mega 8K S comes with a built-in automatic dispenser setup interface that is ready to use after installation.
Phrozen Pump & Fill - Automated Resin Feeder with Intel Component
Product Included:
• Pump Case X1 
• Pump Lid X1
• Empty Resin Bottle X1
• Inlet Component X1 (Including Inlet Hose, Servo Cable, and Sensor Cable)
• Pump Data Cable X1
• Lid Data Cable X1
• Peristaltic Tube X1

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Minimum print volume (mm) Automatic refill when resin tank level drops below 14.5mm. 
Compatible bottle height 210mm
Compatible bottle diameter ≤ 90 mm

*The peristaltic tube is consumable. It is recommended to replace it every 6 months.      

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