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Phrozen Onyx Rigid Pro410 Resin (1kg)
Product model PH0134
Brand Phrozen
Price 2099(TAX)


Phrozen Onyx Rigid Pro410 3D Printing Resin (1kg)

In partnership with Henkel, Phrozen Onyx Rigid Pro410 resin offers great engineering possibilities for those who prefer a hands-on approach to solving everyday problems. 

Onyx Rigid Pro410 is sturdy and reliable & produces 3D models without sacrificing precision, enabling makers to print strong and stiff objects such as storage organizers, laptop stands, grocery bag holders, and even tabletop gaming miniatures.

Phrozen Onyx Rigid Pro410 Resin (1kg)

Key Features
Rigid & Reliable
You don't have to worry about warping or breaking because the Onyx Rigid Pro410 3D models are rigid and will not deform.

Strong & Precise
Strength without sacrificing precision. The Onyx Rigid Pro410 produces strong models while still allowing manufacturers to produce models with fine detail.

Special Structure
Let your creativity run wild and make your own pencil holder, paint box, card holder or even a kitchen spice rack.

High Holding Strength
Make your own coat hangers, shopping bag holders, guitar hangers, wall hooks and more in the comfort of your own home.

Great for Tabletop Gaming
3D miniatures no longer need to be reprinted after a few weeks. Onyx Rigid Pro410 creates minis that are long lasting and durable.
Phrozen Onyx Rigid Pro410 Resin (1kg) Samples

Make sure to preserve resin at room temperature. Store in dark and ventilated conditions.
After printing, please keep used resins in a closed & opaque bottle. Avoid mixing used resin with new resin.
Keep resin away from kids and away from direct sunlight exposure.
Wear gloves and masks when using resins. If this chemical contacts the skin or eye, wash with plenty of water.
DO NOT dump resin. Please cure it and treat it as general plastic garbage.

Enjoy the light-curing printing experience with Phrozen's wide range of resins, which can be tailored to your needs and properties to give you the best finished product, or contact us for more information !

Density 1.10 g/cm3
Weight 1KG
Tensile Stress at Break 43MPa
Tensile Modulus 1687MPa
Elongation at Break 5%
Bending Modulus 2200MPa
Notched Izod Impact 25J/m
Surface Hardness 78 Shore D

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