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Phrozen Sonic Saber - Blade Replacement Kit
Product model PH0175
Brand Phrozen
Price 600(TAX)


Phrozen Sonic Saber - Blade Replacement Kit
The Phrozen Sonic Saber replacement kit includes Sonic Saber blades, aluminium collets and set screws. Replace the blades regularly to keep your Sonic Saber at peak performance.
Perfect your prints with precision and ease with the Phrozen Sonic Saber !
Phrozen Sonic Saber - Blade Replacement Kit
                            STEP 1: Switch off the machine, then use an Allen wrench to loosen the set screw.
                            STEP 2: Pull out the blade (and collet, if replaced).

                            STEP 3: Insert the new collet (if it needs to be replaced) and align the groove.

                            STEP 4: Insert the new blade and tighten the set screw. (Check the direction of the blade).

Product Includes :
                                                       • Instruction card             • Replacement blade x20
                                                       • Collet x2                         • Setscrew x3


- Turn off the power and unplug the cord before replacing the blade.
- Handle the product only with dry hands, and wear cut-resistant gloves.
- Do not point the Ultrasonic Knife at others.
- DO NOT replace the blade immediately after use, as high temperatures can cause burns.

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Blade Size 18 x 4 x 0.38 mm
Blade Angle 30° sharp angle
Setscrew M3X4

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