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Polymaker Polylite ABS Series - 1.75mm
Product model PM00002
Brand Polymaker
Original price 950 Price 650(TAX)



Polymaker Polylite ABS Series - 1.75mm
— Avaliable for Red, Yellow, Blue, White, Black and Grey colors

Key Features:

​• Low cost, easy to grind
• Good impact and abrasion resistance
• More heat resistant than PLA, suitable for outdoor printing.
• tronger than PLA, not easy to break.
• Good impact and abrasion resistance, can be used for electrical enclosures, sports accessories, automotive accessories.
• Fewer cases of drawing.
• The surface of the model is smooth and bright, with a variety of colours to choose from.

Why use ABS?
ABS is one of the earliest and most widely used 3D wire materials. It is strong and temperature resistant, can be used in hotter environments, is resistant to corrosion, is easier to bend than PLA and can even be used for mechanically stressed parts, which are available for most industrial parts.

ABS does not stretch or deform easily, has a moderate degree of flexibility and does not cause permanent deformation.

ABS is less expensive, has good mechanical properties (high toughness, impact resistance), can print durable parts, can withstand the use of wear and tear, shrinkage is also higher than PLA.

In the 3D printing parameter setting, the general nozzle heating temperature of ABS is 245 to 265℃, and the temperature of the base plate is 90-100℃.

(The above parameters are based on PolyMaker PolyLite ABS, for example).

Polymaker Polylite ABS Series - Sample



 Polymaker Polylite ABS Series - Yellow

Yellow Sample

Polymaker Polylite ABS Series - Blue

Blue Sample
Polylite ABS Series - White Sample
White Sample
Polylite ABS Series - Black Sample
Black Sample

Polylite ABS Series - Grey Sample
Grey Sample

Net Weight 1KG
Material ABS
Diameter 1.75mm

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