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Polymaker Polysmooth Series - 1.75mm
Product model PM00003
Brand Polymaker
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Polymaker Polysmooth Series - 1.75mm
— Avaliable for 4 colors : Snow White, Jet Black, Coral Red, Transparent

Polymaker 3D - Polysmooth ( Snow White)

Polymaker's new product, PolySmooth™, is a new alcohol-polishable material that prints under almost the same conditions as PLA and features easy printability, extremely low warpage, good mechanical strength, easily removable supports and, most importantly, can be paired with Polysher™, a cool and easy to use alcohol vapour polisher, to remove cross-hatching from printed objects and create a smooth surface quality!
PolishableThe first wire designed to produce a lamination-free finished 3D printed product. We developed PolySmooth™ with Polysher™ to give you a solution to improve the surface quality of your 3D printed objects.
Easy to PrintPolySmooth™ is compatible with almost any 3D printing deformation due to its PLA-like printing conditions and is the perfect companion to desktop 3D printers due to its wide 3D printing temperature range, low odour and no need for a heating plate.
Support Optimisation:Based on continuous optimisation and experience with our previous products. You can easily remove the PolySmooth™ support and polish it with Polysher without leaving any scars on the surface.
Balanced Mechanical Properties:PolySmooth™ has stable mechanical properties that outperform ABS and PLA in most attributes, making it ideal for everyday 3D printing.
Low Warpage:PolySmooth™ exhibits very little shrinkage during printing, meaning warpage is virtually non-existent, making it ideal for printing large parts.

Filament Dimension:

Polymaker 3D - Polysmooth Size


Remove the support

Polymaker 3D - Polysmooth Showcase

Before & After Polishing

Polymaker 3D - Polysmooth Sample

Comparison with Polysmooth, ABS and PLA:

Polymaker 3D - Polysmooth Specification

Package Details:

Polymaker 3D - Polysmooth inbox

Nozzle Temp 210-230°C
Heated bed Temp 70°C
Print speed 40-90mm/s
Net Weight 0.75KG
Tolerence ±0.05mm
Glass Transition Temp 70°C
Density 1.05-1.10g / cm3

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