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Revopoint INSPIRE Standard Edition 3D Scanner
Product model RP0009
Brand Revopoint
Original price 16990 Price 15990(TAX)


Revopoint INSPIRE Standard Edition 3D Scanner

INSPIRE is our most cost-effective 3D scanner. It's compact yet packed with advanced 3D scanning technology designed to create a user-friendly capturing experience for 3D printing enthusiasts, makers, and designers.


Adaptable Scanning


Only 140g
Take it 
everywhere |  Handheld or turntable scanning | Connects to Android and iOS devices

Easy Object Capture

230 mm x 140 mm single capture area for easy tracking

Magic Mat
Marker-free object scanning

Dual Infrared LEDs
Enhanced Marker Tracking


專業技術 雙目雙攝紅外線燈
CPU Dual Core ARM Cortex-A7
準成度 up to 0.02 mm
單幀捕捉率 230 x 140 mm @310mm
作業距離 250〜500 mm
最小點距 0.3 mm
最小掃描體積 50x50x50 mm
最大掃描體積 2000x2000x2000 mm
掃描速度 14-18 fps
光源 第1等級紅外線
陀螺儀 Yes
掃描環境 室內&室外
紋理掃描 Yes
掃描儀重量 140g
尺寸 132×45×27 mm
作業系統 Windows 8\10\11(64 位)、Android、iOS、MAC
Wi-Fi 5 GHz
連接模式 Type-C
導出檔案格式 PLY, OBJ and STL
掃描特別物件 透明&高反射物體請使用掃描噴霧

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