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SHINING 3D - EinScan H2 Scanner
Product model SN0070
Brand Shining 3D
Price 178000(TAX)


SHINING 3D - EinScan H2 Scanner

Shining 3D launched their new developed handheld 3D scanner - EinScan H2. EinScan H2 improves on its predecessor with a 5MP resolution texture camera, improved accuracy and 3 infrared VCSEL projectors for more photorealistic textures and better data quality.

Its wide scan area and adjustable working distance make it suitable for a variety of scenes and objects, both small and large, in tight or wide spaces. The EinScan H2 is an efficient 3D scanning tool that can revolutionize your workflow.

Introduction of EinScan H2

EinScan H2 unboxing


Key Features

Key Feartures of SHINING 3D - EinScan H2 Scanner

• 5MP texture camera
• 3 VCSEL projectors
• Accuracy up to 0.05mm
• Ultra-wide FOV and adjustable working distance

Photorealistic Texture
5MP Texture Camera

Capture photorealistic 3D models with rich, vibrant colours and clean textures.
SHINING 3D - EinScan H2 Scanner have 5MP texture camera
Superior Enviornmental Adaptability
3 VCSEL Projectors
Effortlessly handles a variety of surface types and scanning environments, providing superior material and lighting adaptability.

SHINING 3D - EinScan H2 Scanner scanning the artpiece

Hybird Light Source
Dual light sources improve scanning efficiency. LED light provides fast 3D scanning with accurate, high quality data.

· Various scenes from small to large
· Scanning speed: 1,200,000 points/s
· Accuracy: Up to 0.05mm
· Point distance: Up to 0.2mm

SHINING 3D - EinScan H2 Scanner have hybird light source
Infrared VCSEL is ideal for capturing dark surfaces, for human body scanning, and for bright-lit environments.

 Dark color objects
Human body scan
Outdoor scan

· Accuracy: Up to 0.1mm
· Point distance: Up to 0.2mm

SHINING 3D - EinScan H2 Scanner scans in detail

Ultra-wide FOV and Adjustable Working Distance

 Adjustable Working Distance

Allows working distance adjustment from 200mm to 1500mm to suit narrow or wide scenes and objects of varying sizes.

 FOV (Field of View) up to 780mm x 900mm
Captures large objects quickly with flexible scan volume.

 Marker-free scanning
Scans rich geometric features without the hassle pf markers.

SHINING 3D - EinScan H2 Scanner scanned the racing car
EinScan H2 Scanned Data

Optimized for Face and Body 3D Scanning

 Flashless Infrared Technology
Ensures optimal comfort during 3D facial and body scanning.

SHINING 3D - EinScan H2 Scanner have flashless infrared technology

 Advanced Hair Enhancement Algorithm
Designed to successfully capture both light and dark hair.

SHINING 3D - EinScan H2 Scanner of scanned comparison

 Non-rigid Algorithm in IR Mode
Captures 3D body data quickly and seamlessly, automatically compensating for small movements to eliminate the risk of misalignment.

Multiple Applications
With its 2-in-1 technology, ergonomic design and excellent software algorithms, the EinScan H2 is a versatile solution for many applications. Use it anywhere, anytime, for prosthetics, virtual representation, cultural preservation, digital art, bespoke clothing, education, furniture design and more. education, furniture design and much more.
  User-Friendly Design
 Remarkable scanning software
Provides a professional yet easy-to-use 3D scanning interface with automated processing, intuitive UI design and intelligent data quality indicators.
EinScan H2 comes with Solid Edge SHINING 3D Edition software to give you more options.
SHINING 3D - EinScan H2 Scanner remarkable scanning software
 Ergonomic Design
The EinScan H2 is portable, easy to handle and and intuitive to use.
SHINING 3D - EinScan H2 Scanner have ergonomic design

Develop Your Own Scanning Application with EinScan H2 SDK

The EinScanH2 scanning SDK is available and open for customisation! Integrate our powerful scanning and data processing into your custom software or application.

SHINING 3D - EinScan H2 Scanner scanning different application

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Scan Mode White Light Mode IR Mode
Light Source White Light, visible Infrared light, invisible
Safety LED light(eye-safe) CLASS І (eye-safe)
Scan Accuracy Up to 0.05mm Up to 0.1mm
Volumetric Accuracy* 0.05±0.1mm/m 0.1mm±0.3mm/m
Scan & Align Speed 1,200,000points/s, 20FPS 1,060,000points/s, 20FPS
Camera Frame Rate 55FPS
Align Modes Markers Alignment、Feature Alignment、Hybrid Alignment、Texture Alignment Feature Alignment, Hybrid Alignment, Texture Alignment, Global Markers
Best Working Distance 470mm
Depth of Field 200-700mm 200-1500mm
Maximum FOV 420mm*440mm 780mm*900mm
Point distance 0.2mm-3mm 0.2mm-3mm
Texture Scan Yes(Built-in Color camera)
Color Scanning Support
Connection Standard USB3.0
Output Formats OBJ;STL;ASC;PLY;P3;3MF
Dimensions 108mm*110mm*237mm
Weight 731.1g
Operating Temperature Range 0-40℃
Operating Humidity Range 10-90%
Certifications CE,FCC,ROHS,WEEE,KC
Required Configuration OS: Win10, 64-bit; Graphics card: NVIDIA GTX1060; Video memory: ≥4GB; Processor: Intel I7-8700; Memory: ≥16GB

* Volumetric accuracy refers to the relationship between 3D data accuracy and object size; the accuracy is reduced by 0.1mm per 100cm(standard scan & body scan). The conclusion is obtained by measuring the center of sphere under marker alignment.

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