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SHINING 3D - EinStar Handheld 3D Scanner
Product model SN0067
Brand Shining 3D
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SHINING 3D - EinStar Handheld 3D Scanner

​Combining many advanced software features, super easy to use, smooth and fast scanning without lagging, and the industry's only ultra-high C/P value !

EinStar handheld 3D scanner is the only one in the industry with ultra-high C/P value and large scanning range, which makes scanning medium and large-sized objects no longer lagging, and can help you obtain 3D data easily , including 3D printing of miniature models, digital collections, and easy reverse engineering, which makes it the perfect device to start 3D scanning! 
  Diverse Applications
Supports multiple data output formats and is compatible with most 3D printers and 3D design software.
SHINING EinStar Handheld 3D Scanner has variety applications
High Quality of 3D Scanning Data
The high quality and density point cloud data can be obtained quickly and easily with point distance up to 0.1mm.
SHINING EinStar Handheld 3D Scanner has high quality data
High-fidelity Full-colour Imaging
EinStar's built-in RGB colour camera easily captures 3D data in true colour, allowing the data to maintain a high level of colour fidelity, complete with artefact preservation and doll digital collections.
SHINING EinStar Handheld 3D Scanner is high color fidelity

Automated Data Optimisation
Powerful functions of the software with the built-in detail enhancement technology optimizes the point cloud to archieve complete data acquisition.
Detailed-oriented enhancement technology of SHINING EinStar Handheld 3D Scanner

Extremely Smooth User Experience
EinStar 3D scanning is smooth and fast, with scanning speeds of up to 14 FPS and advanced software features.

. The Intelligent Tracking Performance
. Auto Alignment
. Intelligent Algorithm
SHINING 3D - EinStar Handheld 3D Scanner has streamlined user experience

Stable Outdoor Scanning
With three infrared VCSEL projectors, two stereo depth cameras and an RGB camera, the Einstar captures clear scanning data and produces stable outputs outdoors. Provides flexible working distance for small and large objects.
SHINING 3D - EinStar Handheld 3D Scanner has stable outdoor scanning
Ultra-convenient, Easy to Carry Out
Einstar's scanning process is simple and fast, and the software interface is visual and easy to use. The scanning process is easy and elegant, requiring only a USB cable and a power cord. It weighs only 0.5kg.
SHINING 3D - EinStar Handheld 3D Scanner is extremely easy to use
Comfortable for Eyes, Easy to scan Hair
. The Infrared VCSEL scanning technology enables the best 3D body scanning results.
. 3D scanning is eye-safe and comfortable.
. Turn on the "Hair Mode", black hair/black colour can be scanned easily and complete body scan data can be obtained.
SHINING 3D - EinStar Handheld 3D Scanner scanning human face
Product Includes:
1. Anti-fall off wrist strap
2. Scanner body
3.Data cable
4.Transformer 12V/5A
5.Power Cord
6. Calibration board
7. Logo points (50 points x 10 sheets, total 500 points)
8.Quick Guide

3DMart does not only provide 3D Printing Servicescontact us to get more information about Shining 3D Scanner and the examples of application.

Point Distance 0.1 mm-3mm 
Depth of Field 160 mm - 1400 mm 
Scanning Speed  980,000 points/s, up to 14 fps 
Light Source Infrared VCSEL structured light
Outdoor Scanning  Supported
Texture Scan Supported
Align Modes Feature Alignment, Hybird alignment, Texture Alignment, Global Markers
Output Formats OBJ; STL; PLY; P3; 3MF 
Safty Level Class I (Eye-safe) 
Interface USB 2.0 or above
Scanner Dimensions 220mm*46mm*55mm 
Carrying Case Dimensions 245mm*245mm*90mm 
Scanner Body Weight 500g 
Operating System OS: Win10/11, 64 bit
Recommened Computer Configuratin Processor:Inter I7-11800H or above 
Graphics Card:NVIDIA GTX1060 or above
Video Memory:6GB or above 
Memory:32GB or above 

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