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Snapmaker Hot End Series (For Dual Extrusion)
Product model SK10001
Brand Snapmaker
Price 1980(TAX)



Snapmaker Hot End Series - For Dual Extrusion Module
Avaliable for 0.2mm、0.4mm、0.6mm、0.8mm、0.4mm Hardened 

Snapmaker Hot End Series is a replacement hotend ideal with Snapmaker Artisan and 2.0 Dual Extrusion 3D Printing Module, the hot end refined for consistently high performance across a wide range of materials, include ABS, ASA, TPU, Breakaway PLA, PVA and HIPS.

Product Features :
• For a variety of materials
• Can be changed tool-free in a few seconds
• Automatic sizes and types detection by Luban
• Auto-modifies machine settings
• High-quality and performance
Snapmaker Hot End Series in Dual Extrusion Module
Snapmaker Hot End Series in Dual Extrusion Module

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