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Snapmaker PEI Glass Plate (For Artisan)
Product model SK0134
Brand Snapmaker
Price 2280(TAX)


Snapmaker PEI Glass Plate - For Artisan

The Snapmaker PEI Glass Plate for Artisan has a dual-sided design, glossy glass on side and PEI coating on the other. This product is specifically designed to be compatible with the Snapmaker Artisan 3D Printer, making it an ideal accessory to expand your 3D printing capabilities.

Product Features:
• Dual-design for versatile printing
 Excellent adhesion on PEI coating
 Easy removal of flexible material from glass surface
 High level of evenness ensures smooth and adherent first layer

Snapmaker PEI Glass Plate (For Artisan) - Glass side

The PEI coating provides exceptional adhesion to standard materials such as PLA, ensuring a secure and stable printing experience. At the same time, flexible materials can be easily removed from the glass surface, making it a versatile choice for a variety of printing projects.

The high flatness of the plate ensures a smoother and more adhesive first layer, which is critical to the overall quality and success of the 3D print. This feature helps to reduce common printing problems such as warping and uneven surfaces, resulting in a more professional and polished end product.

3D printing model on Snapmaker PEI Glass Plate (For Artisan) using Artisan

Snapmaker PEI Glass Plate (For Artisan) on Artisan

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Package Dimensions: (L)49.28 x (W)48.36 x (H)5.70 cm
Package Weight: 2.36 kg

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