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Ultimaker PETG Series - 2.85 mm
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Brand Ultimaker
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Ultimaker PETG Series - 2.85 mm
— Avaliable for 14 Colors

                                    ‣  Red                ‣ Blue                ‣ Yellow                ‣ Green                ‣ Orange
                                    ‣ Black              ‣ White              ‣ Grey                   ‣ Silver                 ‣ Transparent
Blue Translucent              Green Translucent              ‣ Red Translucent            ‣ Yellow Fluorescent

Ultimaker PETG is a glycol-modified polyethylene terephthalate (PET) with chemical resistance to lubricants, oils, alcohols, acids and alkalis, and can withstand high levels of abrasion, chemical corrosion and high temperatures up to 76°C. It is available in a wide range of 14 different properties and colours suitable for use in a variety of industrial environments, including basic colours such as red, orange, yellow, green and blue, as well as special colours such as semi-transparent and fluorescent, so there is plenty to choose from!

Ultimaker PETG Series

Key Features:

Chemical Resistance

Ultimaker PETG filaments are chemically resistant to lubricants, oils, alcohols, acids and alkalis, as well as being waterproof and stable in humid environments, making them suitable for industrial parts that require long term operation such as sensors and colour coding aids.

Resistant to Abrasion and High Temperatures
Ultimaker PETG is compatible with water-soluble PVA and Breakaway filaments. Compared to traditional PLA and Tough PLA filaments, Ultimaker PETG is the most suitable for a wide range of applications and can be used to make a variety of industrial parts, tools and sample prototypes; Ultimaker PETG has good mechanical properties and can withstand high levels of abrasion, chemical corrosion and high temperatures up to 76°C (230°F). 

Ultimaker PETG Series - Samples

14 Colours
Ultimaker PETG is available in 14 different colours to suit different industrial environments, including common basic colours such as red, orange, yellow, green and blue, as well as translucent and fluorescent special colours! Versatile and easy to print!

Perfect for Everyone
Ultimaker PETG is one of the easiest 3D printing materials on the market, with excellent adhesion, anyone can start 3D printing easily and quickly with Ultimaker PETG, setting the standard for enterprise-level industrial use.

Ultimaker PETG Series - 14 Colors and Samples

Ultimaker PETG Series - Orange Ultimaker PETG Series - Silver
PETG Series - Orange                                                                        PETG Series - Silver

Ultimaker PETG Series - Blue Translucent  Ultimaker PETG Series - Red
PETG Series - Blue Translucent                                                            PETG Series - Red

Ultimaker PETG Series - Red Translucent  Ultimaker PETG Series - Blue
PETG Series - Red Translucent                                                           PETG Series - Blue

Ultimaker PETG Series - Green  Ultimaker PETG Series - Green Translucent
PETG Series - Green                                                         PETG Series - Green Translucent

Ultimaker PETG Series - Grey  Ultimaker PETG Series - Transparent
PETG Series - Grey                                                              PETG Series - Transparent

Ultimaker PETG Series - White  Ultimaker PETG Series - Yellow
PETG Series - White                                                          PETG Series - Yellow

Ultimaker PETG Series - Yellow Fluorescent    Ultimaker PETG Series - Black
PETG Series - Yellow Fluorescent                                                   PETG Series - Black


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Diameter 2.85mm
Max Roundness Deviation 0.05mm
Weight 750g
Filament Length 93m
Specific Gravity 1.27 g / cm³
Temperature Resistant 76°C

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