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Ultimaker TPU 95A Series
Product model UM00007
Brand Ultimaker
Price 2900(TAX)



Ultimaker TPU 95A Series

— Avaliable for 4 colors:White, Black, Blue and Red

TPU 95A (thermoplastic polyurethane) cables for industrial applications with properties between rubber and plastic.

TPU 95A is a semi-flexible and chemically resistant material with strong interlayer bonding. It is also easier to print and prints faster than other TPU materials. Semi-flexible, abrasion resistant Ultimaker TPU (thermoplastic polyurethane) has a Shore hardness of 95A, an elongation at break of up to 580% and is semi-flexible, durable and chemically resistant.

Ultimaker TPU 95A Series
White, Black, Blue and Red Colors

Ultimaker TPU 95A White  Sample
  • Why choose Ultimaker TPU 95A?
    TPU 95A offers strong material properties for a versatile prototype, with durability and flexibility being the biggest benefits.
    Excellent wear and tear resistance
    High impact strength
    95A Shore hardness
    High elongation at break up to 580%.
    Good resistance to many common industrial oils and chemical corrosion.
    Designed for fast, seamless 3D printing

Application of TPU 95A:
Ultimaker TPU 95A White  Sample Ultimaker TPU 95A White  Sample Ultimaker TPU 95A White  Sample
Strong and durable

The material properties of Ultimaker TPU 95A allow it to be printed in geometries that match the surface of your existing parts or in custom part designs to protect them.
Resistant to chemical corrosion

TPU 95A has good chemical resistance and can maintain structural and surface properties in harsh environments such as chemical solvents.

End-Use Products

The versatility of TPU 95A also makes it suitable for 3D printing of end products and functional prototypes.


"How-to-use" article:
【3D列印線材】如何使用Ultimaker TPU 95A 進行列印?

Safety Data Sheet
Technical Data Sheet 

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Ultimaker Warranty
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Nozzle Temperature 235 ̊C
Heated Bed Temperature 70 ̊C 
Printing Speed  10-40 mm/s
Net Weight 750g
Diameter  2.85mm

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