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MINI Hand-held Laser Marker (Chargeable) - 30w
Product model WE0022
Brand Wisely
Price 196000(TAX)


Wisely MINI Hand-held Laser Marker (Chargeable) - 30W

Wisely MINI handheld laser marking machine series (rechargeable) is high-speed small scanning oscilloscope, positioning accuracy, handheld portable and can be used in any location offline operation with 7 hours of battery life. This is suitable for marking gold, silver, brass, copper, steel, stainless steel, aluminum, acrylic, ABS, nylon, PVC, rubber and so on.


Key Features

Easy to carry
Weight only 9.1 KG, light and easy to marking anytime and anywhere. Make marking position easy to set.

Long and Safe Operation
With a one-time charge, it can be used continuously for 7 hours offline working. Also, It features self-developed software system, stable work without errors.
A Wide Range of Applications
Suitable for use with large, heavy, fixed objects or any other high precision equipment that cannot be moved.

Easy to Operate
An intelligent touch-screen operating system supports multiple languages and two-step start marking.

Work Efficiently
Marking speed up to 7000mm/s. It features a self-developed intelligent chip with powerful performance. It can quickly process huge data and complex patterns.
MINI Hand-held Laser Marker (Chargeable) Series - smart touch screen

Areas of application

 Electronic parts Resistors : Capacitors, chips, printed circuit boards, computer keyboards, etc.

 Mechanical parts : BearingsGears, standard parts, motors, etc.

 Instruments Panels : Nameplates, precision equipment, etc.

 Tools : Cutting tools, Tools, gauges, cutting tools, etc.

 Automotive parts : Pistons and rings, gears, shafts, bearings, clutches, lamps, etc.

 Daily necessities : Crafts, zips, keyrings, bathroom accessories, etc.
MINI Hand-held Laser Marker (Chargeable) Series - applicable industry

MINI Hand-held Laser Marker (Chargeable) Series - samples

           Text                      Number                    Date                 Bar Code                  QR code                 Pattern

MINI Hand-held Laser Marker (Chargeable) Series - samples

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Laser Type JPT
Output Power 30W
Laser Wavelength 1064nm
Printing Method High-precision double-dimensional scanning method
Marking Speed ≤7000mm/s
Master Control Highly integrated motherboard with embedded 7" screen
Pulse Energy 1.0mJ
Frequency Range 1-600KHz
Operating System Linux
Cooling System Air-cooled at room temperature
Marking Line Type Dot matrix, vector integrated machine (can play both dot matrix and vector)
Reflector Size Standard: 8.5mm
Marking range 50mm×50mm (standard) / 100mm×100mm (optional)
Positioning Method Red light positioning
Number of lines of marking characters Any line in the marking range
Printing Speed 650 Characters / Sec (specific speed is related to the product material and print content)
Font Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, English, Korean, Russian, Arabic numerals and other language
Bar code / 2D code CODE39, CODE128, CODE126, EAN13, PDF417, 01CODE, QR, AZTECCODE. DM, GS1DM, DOTCODE, HANXINCODE, etc.
Battery Capacity 12Ah
Ambient temperature 22℃ Measured usage time ≤7 hours
Full Charging Time 4 hours
Net Weight 8.4KG (Without battery) / 9.1KG  (With battery)
Handheld Dimension 241.5mmX79mmX151mm
Control Box Dimension 310mmX260mmX307mm
Pollution Class 2
Overvoltage Class
Work Temperature 0-40℃
Humidity 30 -85 RH (no condensation)

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