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AESUB Target Net
Product model AE0028

AESUB Reusable Target Net

A network of reference points makes scanning large components such as engine hoods or vehicles faster and easier. The AESUB Target-Net is placed over the object and reference points are available over the entire area. It is an efficient alternative to previous adhesive dots. Also, the objects can be easily scanned with a 3D scanner.

.Key features:
1. Retroreflective reference points for immediate application
2. Suitable for metallic, non-metallic, medium-sized, or large components. 
3. The black net threads are invisible or easily removable in the software.
4. 300 reference points enable fast scans from different perspectives.
5. Can be reused almost indefinitely.
6. Magnet on each point base
7. Perfect for application on all vanishing AESUB sprays

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Reference points 300 dots
Diameter 6mm
Size 1.5 x 2.5m

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