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Snapmaker Extension Cord (For Rotary Module)
Product model SK0105
Brand Snapmaker
Price 380(TAX)


Snapmaker Extension Cord (For Rotary Module) - 1.5m

The Snapmaker Extension Cord For Rotary Module has fast and stable data transmission between the Integrated Controller and the Rotary Module.

Key Features :
• Mistake-proofing plug
• Excellent wear resistance
• Easy to organize with cable ties or cable clip
Snapmaker Extension Cord (For Rotary Module)     Snapmaker Extension Cord (For Rotary Module)


• Snapmaker Artisan
• Snapmaker 2.0
• Snapmaker Ray

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Product Length 1.5m
Item No. SM-14006
Package Dimensions (L)20.73 x (W)11.66 x (H) 5.43 cm
Package Weight 120g
Compatibility Snapmaker Artisan, Snapmaker 2.0

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