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UltiMaker S7 Pro 3D Printer Bundle Refurbished
Product model UMRB234154PB0
Brand Ultimaker
Price 348000(TAX)


UltiMaker S7 Pro 3D Printer Bundle

S7 takes everything our customers love about the award-winning UltiMaker S5 and makes it even better. The S7 filled with the latest technology, makes it easier than ever to 3D print high-quality parts.

Easy Printing. Easy Breathing.
Integrated Air Manager
Tested independently to remove up to 95% of ultra-fine particles* per print. Not only does this improve air quality, it gives you peace of mind. Also with a fully enclosed chamber and single glass door, it improves print quality.
*Tested by Fraunhofer WKI, includes UltiMaker materials only.

Ultimaker S7 3D Printer Air Manager
Flexible Printing Base Plate
PEI-coated flexible print base makes it easy to remove parts without the use of glue. The 25 magnets and 4 positioning tips are perfectly interchangeable, reducing the time spent with UltiMaker S7 and increasing productivity.

Ultimaker S7 flexible base plate

Inductive Leveling Sensor

The new inductive printhead leveling sensor detects the base plate with less noise and greater accuracy. It automatic tilt compensation eliminates the need for thumbscrew bed alignment.

Ultimaker S7 printhead
The Latest Technology of S7

.Material Station
With 6 spools in the Material Station , it provides more 3D printing capacity and freedom of setup, e.g. no more manual changing of filaments. Each spool is equipped with an NFC sensor  and users can also use Cura Marketplace's "Ultimaker Material Alliance" filaments, which has reached a wide range of industrial applications such as fiberglass, carbon composite, or other similar spools of 2.85 mm third-party materials.

Ultimaker S7 Pro Material Station

.Automatic Material Handling
The Ultimaker S5 & Ultimaker S7 Material Station has been tested to allow for filament changes before, after and even during 3D printing jobs. Each spool holder is equipped with a detection function that switches to the next matching material automatically when a roll is used up.

.Hassel-free Storage
The Ultimaker S5  & Ultimaker S7 Material Station solves both common problems of moisture and dust, with an internal dehumidification system that reduces the relative humidity inside the moisture barrier to 40%, even in very humid environments. By solving the problem of moisture, the filament will no longer degrade or swell due to moisture absorption, increasing the 3D printing quality.

Product Features
.Quick Installation:It only takes a few seconds to place the filament into the front tray and it is ready to use (up to six rolls of filament can be placed at one time).

.Continuous Printing:The filament detection system will automatically replace the reel with another when the filament runs out, saving valuable time for continuous printing.

.Humidity Control:The intelligent system will maintain the humidity inside the box at about less than 40%.

.Easy to set up:Adopting NFC material recognition system and compatible perfectly with Ultimaker, it can be synchronized with Ultimaker S5 or S7 touch screen.

.Composite material:Dual wear-resistant feed gears for 3D printing abrasive filaments with high strength and special properties (e.g., carbon fiber composites)

Flexibility:Support both original and external 3D printing materials.

Print Technology: Fused Filament Fabrication(FFF)
Print volume: 330 x 240 x 300 mm
Assembled dimensions: 495 x 585 x 800mm
Feeder type: Double-gear feeder
Display: 4.7-inch (11.9 cm) color touchscreen
Print core replacement: Replacable PrintCore
Print head: Dual extrusion print head with an auto -nozzle lifting system, swappable print cores and flood detection
Compatible filament diameter: 2.85 mm
Layer Resolution: 0.25 mm nozzle:150 - 60 micron
0.4 mm nozzle:200 - 20 micron
0.6 mm nozzle:300 - 20 micron
0.8 mm nozzle:600 - 20 micron
XYZ resolution: 6.9、6.9、2.5 micron
Nozzle diameters: 0.25 mm, 0.4 mm, 0.6 mm, 0.8 mm
Filter technology: Replacable EPA filter
Air extraction rate: 1 - 50 m³/h(35 m³/h nominal rate for most materials at 23 °C)
Nozzle temperature: 180 - 280 °C
Nozzle heat-up time: < 2 mins
Operating sound: < 51 dBA
Build plate leveling: Advanced active leveling with more accurate inductive sensors
Build plate: PEI coated flexible steel base plate(20 - 140 °C)
Build plate heat-up time: < 5 mins(20 - 60 °C)
Operating area temperature:  15 - 32 °C
Non-operating temperature: 0 - 32 °C
Supplied free software: UltiMaker Cura – Printing software
UltiMaker Digital Factory – Printer management software
Supported OS: MacOS, Windows, and Linux
Plugin integration: SolidWorks, Siemens NX, Autodesk Inventor
Supported file types: UltiMaker Cura:STL、OBJ、X3D、3MF、BMP、GIF、JPG、PNG
Printable format:G、GCODE、GCODE.gz、UFP
Weight: 29.1 kg
Maximum power output: 500W
File transfter: Wi-Fi (2.4 and 5 GHz), Ethernet, USB

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